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Sermon Preacher
  7 Questions You Should Make Sure You Answer (9-20-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.
  A Hundred Times Better (02-22-2015)
Peter A. Moss, I.

Get A Grip (04-12-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I.
  Have You Washed Your Hands of Jesus (08-30-2015) Samuel "Sam" Wyatt 

Home When You Should Have Been at the Battle (04-19-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I.
  If You Don't Try, How Will You Ever Know (11-01-2015)  

If You Love Me (05-03-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I.
  I'll Be Back A-Z (03-29-2015) Samuel "Sam" Wyatt 
  In a Moment (02-15-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.
  It's In Three Days, But I'll Start Now (10-25-2015)New Peter A. Moss, I. 

It's Not in the Starts, It's in the Cross (04-26-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I.
  Keys to Effective Prayer in 2015 (09-06-2015)  
  Lives Matter (02-08-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.

Looking for Life Lessons In Strange Places (03-15-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I.
  Saved, Sanctified and Satisfied (10-11-2015) Peter A. Moss, I. 
  Shouting Ground (10-18-2015) Samuel "Sam" Wyatt 
  The First Thing You “Gotta” Do and the Last Thing You “Oughta” Do – (10-04-2015) Peter A. Moss, I. 
  The Law of Attraction and the Lifted Up Christ (1-11-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.
  Their Hearts Were On Fire (08-16-2015) Peter A. Moss, I. 
  Thou Shalt Have No Other Before Me (08-23-2015) Peter A. Moss, I. 
  Touched at the Deepest Level (01-04-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.

What Does It Take to Make a Better World? (03-08-2015)

Peter A. Moss, I. 
  What People See In You (06-14-2015) Peter A. Moss, I. 
  Why We Must Get Stronger in 2015 (01-18-2015) Peter A. Moss, I.
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